Mumbai is the hub of all the crazy party places.
So, here are the top 5 places which according to us are the CRAZIEST party places in the city.

1. 145, Multiple Outlets
With multiple outlets in the City this place for sure youths favorite. It has live music, an open bar, pool table, a small library, and delightful food make it all a perfect place where one can chill and party.

2. Younion, Lower Parel
Younion, is absolutely a mood lifter. The place is LIT no matter what day of the week you go. Exceptional service, food, vibes, and some unique ways of serving like shots are served in tiny little robots on wheels. Also, before we forget to mention you should definitely try out their Naryal Pani Panacotta. It’s surely a place for Millenials

3. Sin City Rooftop Resto & Lounge, Andheri
Sin City is one of the most sophisticated and elite places in town. A place which can fulfil all the spots required, from a floor to dance on to a place to soothingly relish live music. This place simply has it all. For all the club music and dance lover they have a pub which has Absolutely scintillating and dazzling dance area.

4. The little Easy, Bandra
You will be amazed by the prohibition of cocktails on the menu. They have ladies night on Wednesday with sangrias after 10 pm. So, all the women out there don’t forget to check this place out on your next girl’s night out. PS: You will also see known faces from the Bollywood industry

5. Yeda Republic,Juhu
Yeda Republic is a place that can only be loved, whether it be ambiance, food, or music. It’s THE PLACE in the city now. Had visited this place on a Girls Night. They have unlimited Tequila Shots till 11:00 pm for girls. They have a specific area for the rich bees worth ₹.1 lakh. An area with a rich Sufi ambiance to enjoy the food and hookah. They have got killing ambience, music and food which will make you dance till you drop.