It’s one of the finest restaurants that serves the best middle eastern food in Mumbai. Waited so long to visit this place. Kept checking their menu but I wanted to have their dining experience. Finally when I got a chance to visit I was just amazed by the ambiance and the interiors of the place. Decorated like a typical Arabic style restaurant, giving it a romantic feel. 
Since it’s an Arabic restaurant I really loved the way they presented the menu. It opens from the left, I found that very interesting.
They have three outlets all over the city and all of them are just perfect and worth visiting. Till date I have visited the Cuff parade and Juhu outlet and I have fallen in love with each one of them. So, here’s sharing my delightful experience with all of you.


Babaganoush Margarita – A refreshing cocktail to have at this place. A mixture of tequila and lime juice served with smoked Baba ganoush. It has a unique tangy taste to it, much like a successful innovative experiment.
Salted caramel baklava sheikh – It was extremely rich and heavenly in taste. With lots of dry fruits in it making it very filling.
Green Avocado Shake – Fresh Avocado blended milk and loaded with lots and lots of nuts. It’s very thick, heavy, healthy, and of flavorsome.

Edamame and almond smoothie – Ever thought of having an edamame smoothie!!! We didn’t, but bayroute made it and it was just so delish.😍

Greek Goddess – Amalgamation of Greek vanilla yogurt with wild berries and a hint of mint. Refreshing and very very yummy.💓



Halloumi cigars – Halloumi cheese wrapped in a crisp pastry. Served with peach caramelized onions and spicy salad acili ezme.  The pastry was a bit chewy but the salad had a good taste.
Feta and pine nuts stuffed falafel – Chickpeas nuggets stuffed with feta, cream, and pine nuts. Served with sheta and tahini sauce, black and green olives.                  Very well made giving us delicious authentic flavor of falafel.                                                                                                                                                                                             
Mushroom kubbat – Chopped Iraqi potatoes stuffed with quinoa, the mushroom is crispy and soft. Served along with balsamic and sultana. Delicious!❤️

Muhammara – It’s a cold mezze of Syrian red chili and walnut topped with cumin, red chili, and pomegranate. Served with 8 pita breads which are very soft and pickled veggies. Very filling and loaded with flavors.🤤🤤



Koshari – It’s a national dish of Egypt having a mix of rice, lentils, pasta, tomato sauce, chickpeas and topped with lots of gold fried onions.  Accompanied with lemon chili garlic sauce. An extremely well-cooked dish and delicious in taste.
Toum and harissa – It’s a flatbread topped with garlic sauce and North African spicy Maghrebi chili pepper paste. Loved the spiciness and the authentic and unique flavors of it.

Roz Bukhari – Saudi Arabian saffron-scented rice with kabsa spice, roasted cauliflower, potatoes, bell peppers, and zucchini with lots of nuts. Which was served with Salata Hara ( sauce made of tomato and herbs) it’s a spicy and tangy sauce. Rice had the rich saffron flavor whereas the veggies had the spicy taste to it. Amazing dish!🔥


Coming to dessert after having the above dishes there was no space to have dessert but didn’t want to miss it either.
Ordered the Chocolate Fondant. Most amazing chocolate fondant I ever had. Molten chocolate with almond honey ice cream served with rock chocolates and berries. It was just so delectable and awesome in taste. It was heaven in my mouth blast of flavors.I Will love to try this again and again.
Baklava – The famous and most beautiful looking Baklava is surely a treat to your eyes, heart, and sweet tooth. A fine layer of phyllo pastry with pista and almonds served with some delicious gulkand ice cream, topped with brittles of rose. Highly Recommended! 💗❤️

This place is simply amazing. Right from the service, ambiance, food, presentation everything is just outstanding. It’s a bit costly but you surely won’t be disappointed with any of their outlets and services. They give a perfect Mediterranean flavor to the food. And this goes without saying “Experience Bayroute”

Next on my list is to try their Jannat E  Edan which is made from 100 ingredients. Let me tell you this dessert is so huge that 7-8 of you can share it. And it cost approximately 1k to 1.5k . Worth it??? I think it is.

Let us know your experience and your favourite dish at Bayroute in the comments below.